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Our process of building every Anthem Home begins with a relationship. We want to know about the style, interests, and personality of our clients. Above all, we are custom home builders and want to help you craft your dream home without cookie-cutter building plans.


When working with us to create your new home, you get to experience the thrill of creating the perfect home for your family and lifestyle. You will be able to choose the various elements that will make your home uniquely yours.


Our building process includes you every step of the way. Transparency and quality craftsmanship are what we strive for in each home we are entrusted to build.


Built to suit and designed with each of our clients in mind, we are proud to hand over the keys to your new home.

Our Services

From finding the land to build on to designing your custom home, we provide services and transparency every step of the way. 

Land Acquisition

So you have your dream home vision, but do you have the dream home land to build on? We can help with that. We are partnered with a team of Realtors that can help you find the piece of land that completes your vision.


Our design team is unmatched in their craft and design with you in mind; as it should be. Get ready to go from Dream to Design and make your vision tangible.

Materials Selection

We don't give you a set list of the materials that you have to use from select vendors. You choose where your materials come from, and we can handle the rest.


Whether you choose to work with our lender or another type of financing, it’s vital that you start preparing well in advance of application. Let us guide you through every step of the home building process, even the financing.

Energy Efficiency

The most effective strategy for improving household energy efficiency is to first target your home's envelope—walls, attic, windows and doors. Then, improve the energy efficiency of systems, such as heating, cooling, lighting and appliances.

About Us

Anthem Homes believes that your home is the foundation for your family’s lifestyle, regardless of its size. A home should be custom built to enhance the quality of life that occurs under its roof. To ensure this outcome, we invest the necessary time to understand our clients’ needs and to develop an effective plan to fulfill those needs. We offer our clients a comprehensive consultation on the building process to help them make the right choices for their new home or remodel project. It is our goal to deliver a finished home designed with craftsmanship that provides an appealing, functional and comfortable place for you and your family. True value exists only when your satisfaction and happiness far exceed your financial investment.  

Anthem Homes

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Fully-licensed and insured with experience in all aspects of building homes that are truly custom. 

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Nathan Sweats

Nathan is an Air Force Veteran and a father of 5, so if anyone understands the importance of building a home to suit your family and needs, he’s the one. With over 20 years in the construction industry, Nathan noticed that a large majority of homes are built from only a few floorplan blueprints making most homes look “cookie-cutter”. Understanding that not every family has the same needs, the plan layouts became lackluster for him. This led him in to the direction of building truly custom homes. With Anthem Homes you can rest assured that each home will be truly unique to every family.

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